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      Company Profile

      Anhui SunKing Precision New Material Tech. Co., Ltd. is a deep technology company founded by a group of national high-level talents. Located at Hefei Shushan National Economic and Technological Development Zone, SunKing takes pride in its application of advances in science and technology in the area of SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering/ Pulse Current Pressure Sintering).


      to build the first SPS research and production platform for China .

      to manufacture innovative products for the healthcare, high-end manufacturing as well as electronics and information manufacturing industries .

      to provide new material for the application of original technology .


      To build new materials for China, to become the top talent of China .

      Innovation, Excellence, Dedication, Green manufacturing .

      Products and Services:

      • For Healthcare Industry: CT140-240 Series. 

      Based on an innovative target SPS manufacturing technology with full intellectual property rights, CT140-240 is a high-end medical CT Target. Its quality and performance is at the same level as the import products.


      • For Semiconductor Industry: TD Series

      TD  Series is copper-diamond composite material based on our original flake net-shape forming technology. It is a high thermal conductivity electronic packaging material with an excellent performance at a low cost. It can be used for the upgrading of electronics products. 


      • For Semiconductor and New Energy Industry: TG Series

      TG Series is a special sputtering target: Refractory metals and their alloys, including Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten-titanium, Tungsten-nickel, Tungsten-silicon. Other targets include  precious metal, rare earth metal, fine ceramics, metal-ceramic composite material. Compared with existing products in the market, our sputtering target has a higher purity, higher density, better physical and mechanical property.


      • SPS technological services: Sintering, Joining, Graphite mould 



      發布時間:2022-01-19 17:54:54